Food connects us. We share food with those we love in a tangible celebration of life - whether it be a holiday, a wedding, or a dinner gathering. The primary role of my cake is as food to be eaten. Indulgent, but intentionally wholesome. I use as many fresh, local ingredients as seasonally possible, and I stay away from faux flavors and chemically processed ingredients.



The complimentary role of cake is to be beautiful, as beautiful as anything you could ever eat. I am an artist who has chosen to make cake, and I am currently exploring it as I would any other medium. What are its constraints? What is its context? Sometimes a cake needs to be utterly simple. Other times it might need to be unusual and extraordinary. There is beauty both in restraint and in extravagance. As an artist, I offer a unique perspective and skill set to my clients.


I am based in Greenville, South Carolina. I do not ship cakes, but I do travel with them. 


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